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Ideal for Engineers, Construction development, Company Videos, Inspections, Live events, Insurance



About Skymax

SkyMax Drone Services provides aerial photography & videography services,  and post-production services to large & small business owners. Ideal for  Engineers, Construction development, Company Videos, Inspections, Live events, Insurance. Our attention to detail takes your footage to the next level. The completed file is ideal for use on your website, corporate video or on social media platforms. Call us today to discuss your project needs and a no-obligation estimate.


Promotional Video Services

Whether a winery, golf course, education campus, aerial photography and video can provide your business with stunning images that can be showcased on your website, print materials or at live events.

Precision Aerial Photogrammetry & Mapping

We specialize in aerial photogrammetry and data collection. Our RTK GPS enabled drones and system of ground control consistently deliver centimeter level accuracy for your mapping projects. 

Construction/ Engineering

Land Developers, Construction companies, general contractors and engineers all are keenly interested in what is going on at a job site. From the inception of a site plan and drawings all the way through final project completion. 


SkyMax Drones

SkyMax Drone has an arsenal of outstanding drones to service your project; a fleet of DJI Phantoms, topped off with a DJI Inspire 2 and Matrice 210 RTK

Skymax Can offer Drone-based solutions that make your operations more safe, efficient, and effective. Strengthen your business intelligence with aerial intelligence.

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