About Us

Capturing the Future

SkyMax Drone Services provides quality aerial high definition video, photography and Inspection. Using state of the art drones we capture stunning 4k+ images in ways you have never imagined before. SkyMax drone can gather information quickly and safely, allowing companies to make real time decisions. Through aerial photography and videography you are able to give your viewers a whole new perspective in showcasing your product.

SkyMax Drone has flown  hundreds of  commercial missions throughout Ontario.  All SkyMax Drone pilots maintain an advanced licence under the new Transport Canada policies, have completed UAV Ground School and maintain the Radio Operators Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A). We our certified by Transport Canada to fly advanced commercial missions this means in close proximity to airports, hospitals, aerodromes. We carry full Liability Insurance providing all customers piece of mind. Safety is our Priority.


Promotional Video Services

Whether a winery, golf course, education campus, aerial photography and video can provide your business with stunning images that can be showcased on your website, print materials or at live events.

Aerial Photogrammetry & Mapping

We specialize in aerial photogrammetry and data collection. Our RTK GPS enabled drones and system of ground control consistently deliver centimeter level accuracy for your mapping projects.

Construction / Engineering

Land Developers, Construction companies, general contractors and engineers all are keenly interested in what is going on at a job site. From the inception of a site plan and drawings all the way through final project completion.

Commercial / Industrial Inspections

Inspection takes time and can be very costly, requiring time and man-power to set up equipment.

Commercial / Residential

The way a home is presented plays an important role in capturing the interests of potential homebuyers.

Confined Space Inspections

The most intuitive, reliable, and precise indoor inspection drone.