Perform Safe, Fast and Cost-Effective Inspections

Elios 2 is the most intuitive, reliable, and precise indoor inspection drone. Keep your workforce out of harm’s way while performing flawless inspections right from the first flight using cutting edge drone data capture capabilities.

We believe that robots should be sent in hazardous places and dangerous situations instead of humans. Perform flawless inspections with an effective and user-friendly tool, deployed within minutes.

Industrial indoor spaces are often full of dust, which makes First-Person View aircraft navigation difficult. Dustproof lighting allows you to traverse dirty places without losing sight of your objective.

To reveal textures and identify defects, inspectors use a lighting technique that creates shadows in asperities. Reproducing this technique with our new oblique lighting systems, looking for pitting, cracks, or build-ups becomes as natural as doing it with a flashlight.